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Daniel John Saint Laurent

In 1986, after a brief career as a Mechanical Engineer for United Technologies, Dan St Laurent had a vision that led to the birth of SL Associates. SL Associates is a Real-Estate developing/management company out of New Britain, CT. Within a year Dan joined forces with his older brother Tim.


Dan and Tim formed Jack of All Trades Remodeling and figured they had the talent to work and maintain their own properties so  why not provide a quality service to the general public! Jack of All Trades Remodeling was born. Although Tim is gone now, Dan continued to run the company and is now a house hold name.


University of Connecticut


Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering


Daniel Arthur Saint Laurent

An expert in pure attention, Danny’s mantra consists of exceptional customer service, quality workmanship and upstanding character, and this has led to his success in business. His passion lies in educating the future tradesmen in each of their crafts within the industry of construction. “Our companies goal is to draw out the very best from our employees, vendors, clients, and all who work for us.” 


On August 1, 1986, the day he was born, his father closed on his very first Real Estate property, and from that day forward was called his father’s lucky guy. Now as a partner Danny believes the harder he works the luckier he gets. 


Southern Connecticut State University


Central Connecticut State University


Bachelor’s in Finance & Bachelor’s in Accounting

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